Dental Implants in Bucks County Pennsylvania

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If you’ve lost any teeth, your quality of life does not have to suffer. At Dental Beauty, we offer dental implants Bucks County patients can be proud of. They can improve one’s smile, confidence, and overall health. By replacing missing teeth with implants, you can:

• Have a normally functioning bite
• Preserve bone integrity following tooth loss
• Avoid bridgework and damage to adjacent teeth
• Improve facial appearance
• Improve your speaking ability

Why Implants Are the Right Choice
Tooth loss doesn’t only affect how you eat, speak, and look. It can cause many physical problems. Implants replace the entire physical structure of a tooth, including the root and the crown. The consequences of not replacing natural teeth quickly, in addition to stress on the ones remaining, include:

• Shifting and drifting teeth
• Difficulty chewing
• Altered bite
• Jaw joint issues
• Bone loss

The Dental Implant Placement Process
When providing dental implants, the dentists at our Feasterville, PA office conduct a multi-step process. First, a treatment plan is established and involves specialized imaging techniques that let us assess the condition of bone in 3D. This also helps determine how to place the implants.

Implant placement involves a surgical procedure in which the metal root is placed. Gum tissue will then grow around it. During healing, a process known as osseointegration occurs, in which natural bone tissue integrates and bonds with the implants.

A temporary restoration can be provided during healing and, when you are fully healed, an abutment will be placed. This connects the underlying implant with the porcelain crown, which is custom-fabricated and then bonded to the abutment.

Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants
A dental bridge requires extensive work, which involves grinding away healthy teeth and reshaping ones nearby to support it. The forces endured by healthy tooth structures can damage the bone surrounding them. As a result, bone and gum may eventually pull away.

Another downside to bridges is gaps can form and become a potential source of bacteria growth and tooth decay. When three or more teeth are replaced as one unit, flossing can be challenging. Therefore, bacteria and food debris can build up unchecked.

However, teeth implants provide a lifelike, functional restoration. They preserve surrounding structures and avoid the health issues that can result from missing teeth or from wearing dental bridges.

What Are Dental Implants Made From?
The anchoring portion is usually made of titanium, which is strong, corrosion-resistant, and non-toxic. It also has the unique ability to fuse with human bone. In addition to this biocompatible metal, each implant consists of a metal implant abutment that connects it to aporcelain crown. The crown is engineered to mimic the look of natural teeth.

Do Implants Need to Be Replaced or Require Special Care?
If dental reconstruction is a success and the implants take, it is very unusual to need them replaced. Little care is needed to maintain them—that is, except for routine oral hygiene and six-month dental checkups and cleanings. You’ll need to eat a soft diet for the first couple of weeks but can gradually return to hard foods once you heal.

Dental Beauty can provide implants that accommodate your needs. If you’re looking for an implant dentist, we have Bucks County and Feasterville in particular well-covered – please give us a call at 215-703-9090 for information or book an appointment online today!


  • Theresa Merritt says:

    How much does it cost for implants, Does insurance cover any of it,and can you get x Ray’s done ? Also can you go through metal detectors at airports without being embarrassed?

  • Robert Burgoon says:

    Do not know if i will be covered for this procedure as Medicaid only allows one partial to be made once every 10 years. My partial was made within the 10 years but because it made me talk funny ans spittle when i talked, i stopped wearing it. Then as i went to put the top one in one day the tooth that the partial connected too cracked n broke and so i stopped trying to wear them altogether. The top 3 teeth in the front are missing n it makes me look like a crack head, which is totally not me.

  • Bear says:

    Can all the teeth be implanted, instead of getting dentures ? And what is the cost?