The scope for homeopathy in dental practice is broad. Help is at hand for a range of different ailments people commonly experience – pain, discomfort, inflammation, bleeding. It can have a role in calming dental anxieties, speeding recovery and making the experience in the dentist’s chair generally a bit more comfortable. Nobody really likes going to the dentist and some positively fear it. But the days of gruesome teeth­-pulling are long gone and we are moving, thankfully, to a much more holistic way of approaching the patient. Homeopathically ­trained dentists are much more than drillers, fillers and billers. We can even hope to improve the overall health of the patient and not just the dental condition presented to us.

Homeopathic prescribing in dentistry may be either acute or constitutional, or a combination of these.

Medicines for dental anxiety

Anxiety associated with a visit to the dentist is not uncommon! Thankfully there are some homeopathic medicines which can help here. We use Aconite where a state of fear and anxiety is present (there is mental and physical restlessness but fright is the predominating feature); Gelsemium is indicated when the patient is feeling weak in the knees, fearful and lacking in energy. Both Aconite and Gelsemium can be used the night before and the day of the procedure for a relaxing effect.


A range of homeopathic mouthwashes are available. Such ingredients as Echinachea, Calendula and Thyme are inflammatory and antimicrobial, which help treat oral inflammation and infection.